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With the evolution of the smartphone, each of the companies tried to make uni products, and by doing so, great competition among all the companies is going on, and there is no end at all. Also, people are always looking for some great features every time they want to change or upgrade their smartphone. Different companies have their own unique selling points. The evolution of the smartphone is moving so fast in this era. All the users of the different companies also wait for the next big thing. People’s expectations are increasing as time passes because time moves so quickly. So companies have to launch some amazing and upgraded features whenever they launch new mobile phones.

Many smartphone and other devices launch every month, and the huge competition never ends.

  • Google Pixel Fold
Smartphone 3

 This phone is a long-rumored phone with so many expectations from all the users and new upcoming users who are also looking for it. It has some of the same features as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. It is said that this phone must be called the Pixel Notepad. Not only this, but there is also so much speculation about this phone that it can be called a Logbook. This smartphone is a combination of a foldable phone and a tablet. We are getting the book-fold-style device with a full outer display and also with a big inner display. The shape of the device is not vertical and slimmer but squarer. The inside display is coming with a great 120 Hz refresh rate, and we are getting 1200 nits of peak brightness with an average brightness of 800 nits. It is said the camera of the phone is present in the bezel, not the pinhole type or on the notch of the phone. It will come with Android 12, and there are so many hopes for this phone. Let’s see whether it lives up to expectations or not.

  • iPhone 15-
Smartphone 2

It must be the next big thing for iPhone users. As we know, this year the iPhone 14 Pro launched with so many expectations from the users, and after that, they are waiting for the new iPhone 15 and its Pro version. All the new updates came with the smartphone, and all the users are so happy to enjoy the experience with the iPhone 14 and the Pro version. Some of the big changes are expected in the future as well. It is true that the iPhone 15 will have a 60 Hz OLED display, but the only change will be the rumored dynamic chipset, which is the A16 Bionic 4nm for the iPhone 15, which is also present in the 14 Pro. This is the reason the iPhone can be manufactured at a low cost, which is a better reason to move to the pro versions. The biggest change in the iPhone 15 is the USB C port on the mobile phone. This will help in the faster transfer of the data. It will also be compatible with universal chargers. This must be a big deal for iPhone users this time.

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 series
Smartphone 1

This phone will stick in the eyes of the users, as Samsung is making a huge phone with great features. If you are not a person who likes to stay away from the cutting edge, then this phone is appropriate for you. Stay tuned until the smartphone launches. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series this year has created great expectations among users by coming with great performance, excellent and refined designs, and the rebirth of the Note Series. We expected some of slight changes in the design and may see a couple of surprise changes in the upcoming series. Like earlier, there may be a unique camera line-up on the back of the phone. Mainly, there are no changes in the design of the phone; only the specs of the phone might change with the upgraded one. Maybe the phone will be less curvy in the upcoming model. It is expected that the S23 series will have bigger batteries and faster charging capabilities. Not confirmed yet, but the rumor says that the S23 series is coming with a 200-megapixel camera as the main camera of the phone. It is great news for Samsung users this time; they will be very excited for the S23 series to feel the changes and the upgrade in the phone.

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