Differences Between iPhones and Android Smartphones

As we have all known for so many years, there is a cold war between iPhones and Android users. Both people think the phone they are using is the superior one. Some people think that Android is the best mobile phone, while iPhone users feel they are the dominant one. There are so many differences between iPhone and Android mobile phones, and by the time so many things and features are upgraded in both mobile phones, As per reports, Android mobile phones are dominating all over the world, whereas the iPhone is more dominant in the US. Apple is still in the process of gaining popularity and achieving global dominance. The main reason people use iPhones and Android devices is that they are the most secure of all the other devices. People have the trust that their data will be safe on the device forever if they never shift to iPhones and Android phones.

The main reason people use iPhones and Android devices is that they are the most secure of all the other devices.

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  • Google is considered to have an open and customizable system, whereas the iPhone is a completely closed system. Both systems have their own pros and cons. Apple phones ask barely for user permission as they decide whether to use or not that particular app, any document, or anything else, whereas Android phones ask for maximum user permission. They can easily customize their phone and adjust the settings according to their own preferences. 
  • Android software is available for many manufacturers, such as Samsung, vivo, one plus, LG, etc. This may lead to some quality problems, whereas iOS is controlled by only Apple companies and is not distributed among others, so there are fewer quality problems for iPhone users. Just because of this, Android is becoming the world’s most common platform. Whereas the iPhone still maintains its uniqueness among the crowd. 
  • Apple phones have the Apple App Store to download iOS, whereas Android phones have the Play Store for downloading the apps we require. The main purpose of the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store is completely the same. iOS applications can only be used on iPhones, whereas Android apps can be used on different kinds of smartphones. This is the biggest difference between ios applications and Android applications.
  • Apple creates both the operating system and the hardware for iPhones and Android. They do not sell any of the systems to the other manufacturers; no other company has ever integrated their systems. as numerous Android phones use the operating and hardware systems from different manufacturers and make a complete Android phone to use with some of the great features in them.
  • The voice assistants on iPhones and Android users are different from each other. Android users have Google Assistant, whereas iPhone users have Siri. As compared to Siri, Google Assistant is more powerful and a little smarter than Siri. It is seen that Google Assistant answered more correctly as compared to Siri. After listening to 100% of the queries from the user, Google Assistant answers at least 92.9% correctly, which is quite a good percentage. Google Assistant also has the advantage that, primarily, it is made for Android devices, but we can also use it on iOS devices. This feature is unavailable in Siri.
  • The speed of using the iPhone devices remains the same as time passes; compared to the iPhones and Android users, it is seen that the running speed turns slower as the Android device gets older. The iPhone makes only flagship phones, so we can compare them with all Android phones. But this is true for many of the mid-range or low-budget Android phones, which become less efficient and very slow as time passes. But if we look at the flagship Android phones, the running speed remains the same as earlier.
  • The amazing thing about iPhone phones is that if you bought your phone back 7 years ago, your iPhone protects your device against the latest security threats. This feature is so commendable and missing from Android phones. Android manufacturers have a poor history of keeping the phone’s security and software updated. Nowadays, some Android phones give 2, 3, 4, and 5 years of security and software updates.
  •  Both the iPhones and Android cameras share the same features, but there are a few differences in certain features. It is seen that most Android phones nowadays come with great features as compared to iPhones. It only depends on the people and their preferences; if they love Android cameras, they can opt for them, but if they like iPhone cameras, they can go for them.
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