Vande Bharat Express Train Added New Feature 


Vande Bharat Express Train, which has become one of the most popular trains in the country due to its speed, cleanliness, and awesome look, will soon come in a new orange and grey color variant inspired by the Tricolor Indian National Flag that was announced by Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. The Integral Coach Factory in Chennai held a review meeting where the new color was revealed. According to Ashwini Vaishnaw, the 28th rake of the Vande Bharat Express Train is being produced at the ICF and will use the new color.

Vaishnaw visited the ICF to check on all the safety measures and improvements made to the train. Out of all 28 rakes, 25 are found to be operational, and two are reserved.

The Vande Bharat Express Train has already received 25 modifications. They also said that the color of the Vande Bharat Express Train is being changed on a trial basis. It is expected that the 28th rake will be made operational on Independence Day.

New Features upgraded on the Vande Bharat Express Train

  • Recliners with better-sliding options
  • Soft cushions introduced for seats
  • More mobile charging spots
  • Wheelchair fixing spots
  • More lighting features inside toilets
  • Capacitive touch screen reading lamp
  • Roller blinds in windows
vande bharat 1 1

The Railway Minister also reviewed the progress of the trains. During the review, he also discussed a new safety feature, which was “Anti-Climbers” or “Anti-Climbing devices” will become standard in Vande Bharat Express Train or other trains. These are the devices that help prevent people from climbing onto the train. 

This is based on the concept of Make in India, designed in India by our own engineers and technicians. So whatever feedback we are receiving, all changes are being used only for changes in the design.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated two upgraded versions of the Vande Bharat Express Trains, i.e., the Gorakhpur-Lucknow and Jodhpur-Sabarmati routes, at the Gorakhpur station in Uttar Pradesh. This operation has brought Vande Bharat Express Train services to almost 50 across the country. The Vande Bharat Express Train, launched in 2019, is the fastest semi-high-speed train in India and runs at a speed of 160 Km/h.

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