Earthquake Hits Jaipur with 3 Different Magnitudes

Earthquake Hits Jaipur
Earthquake Hits Jaipur

Back-to-Back Earthquake of 3 different magnitudes hits Jaipur, Rajasthan over a period of 30 minutes

In the early hours of Friday, Jaipur, Rajasthan, was shaken by three earthquakes with magnitudes of 4.4, 3.1, and 3.4. The National Centre for Seismology analyze that the three shocks occurred within 30 minutes.

Panic broke out in people who rushed out of their houses and many people went to the park also, as the Earthquake was felt in different parts of the city. The first earthquake occurred at 4:10 am from 9 Km away from Jaipur at a depth of 10 Km said by NCS. Some people even didn’t notice that the Earthquake happened. 

Before the people could come out of the shock, a second earthquake was witnessed and that earthquake occurred around 4:22 am with a magnitude of 3.1 at a depth of 5 Km which hit the Rajasthan capital. As some people didn’t notice the first earthquake but another earthquake hits Jaipur people. 

As all the people decided to return back to their houses, then suddenly the third Earthquake occurred at 4:25 am which again Earthquake hits Jaipur. 

According to the judgment of the Police Control room, no loss of life or no damage to property was seen. A huge amount of people have been seen on the Jaipur roads including Badi Chaupar, Johari Bazaar, and Chandpole Bazaar.  After the tremor was felt, various social media users shared pictures of people standing outside the houses and their buildings. 

One of the people from Jaipur said that people in their locality were not able to sleep properly after the occurrence of the Earthquake. He said they never witnessed back-to-back earthquakes in their city as well as in their lives. People in nearby areas of Jaipur got scared by this incident such as Sikar, Alwar, Bharatpur, and Dausa.

Chief Minister of Rajasthan also observed that strong trembles were felt in Jaipur and also there is no loss of life or property seen.