Travelling to Qatar Airways: Points to Consider Before Your Trip

Travelling to Qatar Airways

Travelling to Qatar Airways is an award-winning airline which has received great recognition for the amazing services that they have extended to their customers. It was in the year 2013 when Qatar Airways joined the oneworld® alliance and since then they have been a strategic partner. They have also expanded the alliance portfolio of Middle Eastern carriers. Not just that, but they want to become synonymous with excellence. Qatar Airways was recently awarded the ‘Airline of the Year’ by the 2022 World Airline Awards, which is managed by the international air transport rating organisation Skytrax. If you are interested in travelling to Qatar Airways, then you should keep a few things in mind.

Essential Tips Before You Fly: Travelling to Qatar Airways!

There are indeed various things that you should keep a note of before flying with travelling to Qatar Airways.

1. Baggage allowance

Travelling to Qatar Airways

There is a particular number and weight of baggage pieces which a passenger is allowed to carry while travelling to Qatar Airways. Also, baggage allowances might vary as per the route and cabin class. All you have to do is check the exact baggage regulations which are printed on your ticket. If your route has a weight concept only, then there will be no limit on the number of pieces which are to be checked as long as the weight allowance for all this baggage has really been exceeded. Along with that, various limitations may also apply as per the aircraft carrying capacity. Other guidelines are based on what kind of size the passenger can and cannot carry. For instance, passengers are not allowed to carry pieces of baggage which are round, irregular-shaped, or tied with loose rope or a string.

2. Upgrade your journey

Travelling to Qatar Airways 1

Enjoy luxury like never before while travelling to Qatar Airways. You can now transform your journey on board and enjoy the luxurious space of Qatar Airways Business or First Class. You can just sit back and enjoy a fully lie-flat bed and award-winning service. Also, you’ll be provided with delectable cuisine if you demand one. But that’s not all about the experience. You will also get various entertainment options. All you have to do is upgrade your journey to avail these benefits. Once you upgrade your journey from Economy to Premium, you’ll be able to make your travel experience completely unforgettable. You can book your upgrade in many ways with Qatar Airways. You can visit their website or their mobile app.

3. Travelling with children

Travelling to Qatar Airways 2

Qatar Airways takes separate care of young travellers. They want them to fly in comfort with their families. The moment their journey begins at the airport, they aim to keep the children engaged, entertained, and comfortable too. They have interactive play areas for young travellers and dedicated family-friendly facilities for parents. They believe in making every trip with Qatar Airways an epic adventure for their children. They offer a journey filled with colours for kids. They provide creative and educational kits which come with crayons, stickers, and also books filled with puzzles, fun facts, and much more. Also, if you happen to travel with an infant, they’ll also provide you with a sleepy-time soft-push toy.

4. Travelling with pets

Travelling to Qatar Airways 3

They know just how important a pet is to someone. This is why they stand strict about extending world-class services to your feathered and four-legged companions. If you have a dog, cat, or bird, then you can be travelling to Qatar Airways, comfortably and without any hassle. But it is important to note that travel regulations require one to make the necessary documentation before they have to fly. Such types of documents include a health certificate which has to be signed by a veterinarian, and also it should indicate that your pet is fit to fly. Along with that, an identification or pet passport is required too. Also, before you get ready to fly, you are required to fill out an online form requesting a carriage of pets. Visit the website of Qatar Airways to learn more about this.

What’s else to keep in mind?

The already mentioned things are some of the things that you need to keep in mind before you book your tickets and then travelling to Qatar Airways. But, one of the most amazing things about this Airways is that it caters to the needs of those customers that have special needs. They believe in serving their customers right and better. This is why they request you to contact them and advise them about your special needs during the time of your booking. This has to be done at least 48 hours before your flight. All you have to do is visit the option of managing assistance on their website online.                                                                                                                                             

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