Top Catering Dishes for the Busy Season

Top Catering Dishes

Top Catering Dishes during the months of January and April, everyone is well aware of the hustle-bustle. Herein, millions of people spend hours filing taxes. Therefore, this is a super stressful time for many people too. Also, the ones who get impacted by this process are those who process millions of tax returns for the people. Top catering dishes a few times when the days are longer and nights are longer for these people too. Therefore, most people do not get the time to plan their top catering dishes meals or focus on eating a proper meal at a proper time.

Why Keep Your Staff Well-Fueled with Top Catering Dishes?

If you have tax preparers working for you, then surely you must keep them well-fueled for long hours, so that all this time is more bearable for them. There are many firms which get catered meals in order to help sustain their staff. This works in places where the staff has no time to pack a lunch for themselves or get it for themselves during busy hours. So, if you are someone who has the responsibility of ordering food for your staff when you are in the office, then you should make sure of a few things. First, the top catering dishes food that you order must be satisfying and not something random. It should be of the kind that lasts for longer days when the staff is burning the midnight oil on top catering dishes.

Top catering dishes for your staff

Are you ordering for people who are a part of the morning crew or for those who burn the midnight oil by working overtime? Here are 10 top catering dishes which will keep them full and grateful as they work on the current year’s tax returns. So, here the top catering dishes categories are divided into breakfasts, lunches, or dinners. Find the items that your staff would love the most and order them from Ezcater.

– Breakfasts

Everyone knows just how important a good breakfast is for a person who has to work all day.

1. Get your protein shakes

Get your protein shakes

Protein shakes are a great option for those who have an extremely hectic schedule. Protein shakes are known to deliver the much-required vitamins and nutrients in their best form. Also, a protein shake is a quick-to-drink beverage. Many tax professionals and accountants have a tendency to eat less healthy or in fact sometimes skip on their meals when they’re rushing around tax season. Protein shakes really could be a great and healthy alternative, which one can try. It is also a healthy way to keep one’s energy up.

2. Probiotic bowls

Get your protein shakes 1

When we talk about probiotics, we are obviously talking about probiotic yoghurt-type foods which are responsible for enhancing the gut microbiota. In this way, the best way to start a busy day is to eat a yoghurt breakfast bowl. A yoghurt breakfast bowl starts with a base yoghurt such as plain, vanilla, or strawberry. So, you can choose any one of them as per the preference of your staff. You’ll also find additional fruits and grains like strawberries, blueberries, and granola. This kind of dish exists to impress the staff.


1. A Fajita and taco bar

Get your protein shakes 2

For lunch, again, some people may be starving, which is why a fajita and a taco bar is a great choices. This kind of food also stays warm in trays and is also easy to eat while various tasks are going on. For instance, if you are eating a fajita while a meeting is scheduled in the next few minutes, then you have nothing to worry about as it is an easy thing to eat. Also, it is a healthier option than the fast food options. Tacos are also great for a staff that loves them.

2. Chicken kabobs

Get your protein shakes 3

This option is primarily a Mediterranean option and it is for people who have been wanting a healthy meal during the day. This can also depend on how many chicken kabobs a person eats a day. A chicken kabob really is a healthy and protein-rich snack which is also made up as a super satisfying dinner. You can also add sides such as cucumbers or anything you like with it. Sauces also do great with chicken kabobs.

– Dinner

1. Baked potato bar

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With a baked potato bar, you can get a wholesome meal in a short span of time. You’ll get baked potatoes and also meats like pulled pork or tuna. But that’s not all; you’ll also get cheeses like cheddar or shredded cheese. All this will be topped in sauces, thereby, giving you a fulfilling meal.

2. Brisket bar

Get your protein shakes 5

What better to eat at dinner than a brisket bar? It’s like a delicious beef recipe which actually serves multiple people and it is also a great option for people in offices. If it is spiced up in a good way, it can give a traditional and international flavour too. Includes various different types of side salads and more.

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