Google Pixel 7a Vs iPhone 14: Specs, Features, Design, & Performance

Google Pixel 7a Vs Apple iPhone 14

Now, these two phones, the iPhone 14 and the Pixel 7a, have different features where the Google Pixel 7 a has been modified with some of the features of the iPhone 14. If you like the design, then there are not many major changes in the iPhone 14, which has a new frontal design with the dynamic island, which offers you the new purple colour with the addition of starlight, midnight, and sightly in red or blue hues, and the pixel-has colours of the trio, which are Sea, Snow and Charcoal.The Pixel 7a carries the matte camera strip and has the flat display, which has an eye-pleasing look, and it has the glass 3 front gorilla, which contrats the colour very well. It is also much bigger and heavier than the iPhone 14. On the other hand, the Pixel 7a has 1400 nits, a 6.1-inches display with 90.7 cm, and an OLED+HDR panel with 90 HZ, which beats the iPhone 14. 

The iPhone 14 is using the same chip in the powering, which is of course not a slow chip, but it is an important mark of precedent for Apple. The chips have been used in the latest Apple phones, but the Google Pixel 7a is equipped with the second generation tensor chip, which is advanced and has ML performance with the tensor G2 and multi-core CPU performance. In terms of RAM, the iPhone 14 has 33% RAM and the Google Pixel 7a has the same amount of RAM. Both devices have storage of 128GB hence, the pixel maxes out at 256GB while the iPhone has 512GB. Both have a little bit of a difference in the power button, where the Apple iPhone 14 keeps it on the right side with the physical and volume buttons on the left, while the Google Pixel 7a has the power and volume buttons on the right to take screenshots and the USB of 3.2 with C-type.

If you see the camera features, then the Pixel 7a has a 64 MP primary camera, which has a larger resolution than the premium phones, including the Apple iPhone 14, and both of the phones had a 12 MP ultra wide camera, whereas the Pixel has the sport camera setup of 13 MP ultra wide, f/2.2, and 50 MP,f/1.85. Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone 14 has an ultrawide camera of 12MP 0.5X, 133mm, f/1.8, and a wide camera of 12MP 26mm, f/1.5, but Google doesn’t match the iPhone 14’s cinematic video mode, which has exclusive features to fix your sofistsh photos, which can be new or old.

 For years, the iPhone has been famous for its photos, which give you the perfect photographic capture and action mode with 4K 30 fps support. If you compare the battery life of both the phones, then the iPhone 14 has a 3279 mAh unit and the iPhone battery gives you 50% charge in 30 minutes, which is Qi wireless and Magsafe charging compatible. The Pixel 7a has a battery of 4385 mAh, which will last up to 72 hours and is non-removable and uses your phone with 20W wired charging, which offers you better battery life than the iPhone 14.

 The voice assistant, which has both Siri and Google assistance in the iPhone 14 and Pixel 7a, allows you to ask your everyday queries, which allows you to send texts or read your notifications, which include things like weather, news, events, and many more things. The Google Assistant is a natural language that is able to properly understand your translations, questions, and any context, whereas the song you can search by humming on the Google Assistant For more privacy, the Apple is best, which shows respect towards your data that is not linked by the email address, apple ID, or other data in the Apple iPhone. 

The specific features that are available in the Pixel 7a, which has the Google new smartwatch “Pixel Watch,” where you can monitor your fitness and health history, also offer you the emergency SOS functions in certain circumstances. In the iPhone 14, which has been equipped with the brand new G-Focus, which associates the sounds of car accidents, and both have new additional features seen in the new generation, like face ID on the iPhone 14,5G and in the Pixel 7a, features like contactless payment methods and spam call detection.

Overall, both phones have the advantage in the important areas that have been improved in the following ways, and finally, the phones have slightly different characteristics in terms of overall pricing and size, allowing the Google Pixel 7a to compete against the iPhone 14, which has a larger screen, coolers, and better specs.

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