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There are so many people who don’t even know the actual size of their shoes. This is so important for us to make sure of the exact shoe size of our shoes. As we know, we are required to wear shoes on a daily basis. Either in the summer or the winter, we have to keep in mind to check how the shoes fit. Shoes must not be too tight or too loose; there must be a comfortable fit in the shoes for any kind of weather. If the shoes are not comfortable, it may affect our physical activity, especially walking and running normally. Uncomfortable shoes may give stress to the feet, ankles, lower legs, and other joints of the legs. These little pains and uneasiness can lead to many other severe problems and pain in the legs as well. So whenever you want to purchase a new pair of shoes, always go for complete and proper fittings of the shoes and your feet as well. Always try on the shoes and check yourself to see if you are comfortable walking or not. Many of the stores provide measuring tools to know the size of the shoe and get the perfect size.

There is great importance placed on the perfect shoe size in our daily lives. 

  • Neuropathy –
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It is a painful and irreversible condition with symptoms of pain and needles in the feet, which also decrease the ability to feel whether the feet are in the right space or not. According to the study in 2017, it was found that only 14% of adults were wearing the right shoes. Most of the people were wearing tight-fitting shoes. Older people have a larger foot history and have lesions such as corns and calluses. During severe neuropathy, which causes high pressure on the nerves and wounds and ulcers, there is no movement in the feet for the majority of the time. If you don’t want to undergo such problems, then buy the shoe that is perfect for you and also very comfortable for any kind of activity you do.

  • Foot pain:
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Many of us wear tight shoes, and sometimes we wear loose shoes as well. It will lead to foot pain and foot deformity as well. It can lead to various types of problems, such as lesser toe deformity, also called hammer toe, corns, calluses, etc. Some of the shoes have the perfect fit, but you have not worn those particular shoes in that area; this is also the reason for the foot pain. Suppose you are going for a trek, and instead of wearing comfortable and spongy shoes, you go with flat bellies. This will be the only reason at that time for the foot pain. So, many times, we are the only ones who do not decide on footwear according to the place we are going. Choose wisely and smartly for your own foot health. When we are young, we do not care, and the problem affects us on a daily basis and becomes so severe.

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  • Decrease in Comfort

As if our shoes are not as comfortable as we need them to be, there is always discomfort in our lives, which always irritates us and makes us uncomfortable. As it is seen, as compared to women, men’s shoes are more comfortable because most women go for fashion over comfort, and because of this, they have to face a lot of problems for their whole lives, which can be cured by regular yoga and proper exercises. Most women’s shoes have decreased their quality of life.

  • Change in the shoe size:
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Many of us think that after 18 there are no changes in the size of the shoes. But this is completely wrong, as the shoe size continues to change. It can change anytime, sometimes according to our health at a particular time period. During certain medical conditions, our shoe size can change, like in women during pregnancy because of the swollen feet and shoe size changes. Certain medications cause water retention, which causes swelling in the foot. Naturally, if you gain weight, your foot size changes slightly. So keep on checking your shoe size and wear the best and most comfortable shoes, as it leads to comfort in daily life.

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