Using Your Smartphone in Emergency Situations


Not only for daily usage and other activities, there are a lot of other things that are important for the person’s safety. Safety must be the first priority in anyone’s life and make them feel safe. There are a lot of things that can happen to a person and may harm his or her life in many different ways. Android and iOS devices both have some emergency security features that help us in any kind of emergency situation. Smartphones are a modern-day tool that is used for connecting people and also acts as an emergency kit. As we know, there are so many things that are extremely personal and important to us. Like our bank details and all the pictures, videos, and details of friends and family that are within our smartphone, there are also so many other work-related details present in our smartphone that must be properly taken care of. So we should always be ready for any kind of situation that may happen to any of us. 

There are so many ways in which you can use your smartphone to save yourself.

  • GPS Tracker:
Smartphone 6

If your child or loved ones went to any place with their friends or to a new place, you would feel so unsafe, and you would always wonder whether they were safe or not. There are inbuilt GPS trackers in the smartphone, which are so essential for school-going children, if your child is on any road trip, to track your elder people or those who need special care. The full form of GPS is a global positioning system that helps detect the actual location of the person or thing to which the GPS is attached. One can detect the location of the person only with the help of the GPS; there is no need for the network area or the data for this. It is a radio navigation system. It uses the radio waves between satellites and the receiver, which is inside the phone, to provide location and time information to any software that uses it and easily detect the location of the person.

  • Power Saver:
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If we are out of the house and on a journey and forget to bring the power bank with us, then there is a feature called power saver, which saves the power of the battery and helps to save it for any kind of emergency situation till we reach our destination. As we all know, we all have smartphones with us at all times, and this is the only thing that helps us connect with family and friends. With the help of the smartphone, we can give all the information and updates to our parents and sometimes our friends about our location, but if the battery of the phone goes down and we don’t have any other option, there is the option of the power saving mode, which helps to save the battery in an emergency situation as well. When we turn on the power-saving mode, it will turn off all the background apps that consume too much power. This is a great option to inform everyone that we are safe and in the right place.

  • Social Media:
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Always ready to take help from social media. It is seen that, in terms of emergency situations, social media is one of the most common ways to get help from anyone. If you are in any of the unknown locations and you get lost there, try to use social media, as not everyone will come to help, but anyone can come to help you, and that is sometimes enough to tackle any kind of emergency situation. If you get stuck in a flooded area and there is no help from any government or private agency, then you can post a video and photo of that area to social media and get help from any of the people who are nearest to you. As we know, most people are active on social media, and if you share your problem, then at least anyone can come and help you in any way. You just need to reach out to as many people as you can.

  • Emergency Situation –
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This is an amazing feature for the phone user, as it helps in any kind of emergency situation. If you feel that you are in an emergency situation, your phone is about to die, or you experience a fatal accident, This was very useful for the person at that time. You just need to press the power button five consecutive times, and then your phone will send an automatic message to the emergency contact and also send your location as well. Always remember to add emergency contact details to your phone in case of any kind of emergency that happens to you at any time. Add as many of the numbers as you can to those who know you and can come to you in any time of emergency.

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