Unleash The Magic Of Alamy By Discovering Your Creative Side

Magic of Alamy

Alamy is a hub of stock images, videos, and other image material. All the independent photographers, and agencies sell their pictures and the data here and other users use them according to their requirements. Magic of Alamy allows their contributors to sell the data free which is released into the public domain under creative commons. It is a safe and reputed company, you can use this website without any problem and also your data here safely. Around 80000 stock images are uploaded every day in  Alamy. The image and all the stock came from about 170 countries all over the world. If you want some images of your work, you can get them here anytime. Magic of Alamy has a bigger, broader, and huge collection of images with them, which help each and every person throughout their work and also provide some of the ideas through the image.

Here are some simple steps for you to unleash the Magic of Alamy and its features.


You can easily make an account in Alamy. Click the signup button and enter all your details and then you can sign in to your account and use accordingly what you want.

There are some basic details like your name, email address, password, and agency name if you are a student then student code. Remember all the details for future use also.


Alamy provides you the opportunity to organize your favorite assets with Lightbox. You can share this lightbox with your friends, family, and colleagues also. You can easily track your orders and downloads with the magic of Alamy.


If you love photography, try it in different types and amazing ways. Start some different photography intentionally, try some unique ideas to make your pictures unique, add some creativity to it, and when done with this. Make your good collection of pictures. Start uploading pictures on the Alamy website and add interesting and attractive tags to them. You will see after some time, maybe in just 24 hours your pictures become available to buy, for customers of Alamy from all over the world.  Customers license the image from Magic of Alamy and pay the required amount for the picture mentioned.


It is a very easy and convenient way to get images of all kinds and use them according to your needs. Magic of Alamy has unlimited images of different categories and can be used for so many purposes.

For buying pictures you have two options as the first option is just to register yourself and buy the pictures you want with the magic of Alamy. The second option is that you can buy the pictures as a guest when you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to register. At that time checkout service is best for you. Click on the search bar and select all the filters you want, explore all the images of your requirement and see what you are looking for and select your image. 

After selecting the image, select the right license for the image. Then you can see the pricing options of the image and check out the image. If you are buying one image then you just need to download the image and check it out, but if you are more than 1 image then you have to add to the cart all the images and then pay accordingly.


Alamy provides live news images and also reportage images. Thousands of images are added every day in the magic of Alamy. So there is an unlimited collection of images that can give access to the magic of Alamy. Images related to sports, entertainment, music, fans, etc. You can see the images at great prices and are of good quality. Not only pictures but also you can find live news feeds of different categories. You can get the uncut,  vital, ultimate images and pictures here.


If you buy any subscription from Alamy you will definitely save a lot of money and get great deals as well. You can save up to 50% and you can easily get all the collections we have. We have some sample packages like Royalty free, Website, Marketing, and Tv Broadcasts. Before buying any of the subscriptions you can book a demo and find out the better subscription package for you. If you buy a better subscription for yourself, then you don’t need to pay for your own project. You can easily renew your subscription when it expires.


For more information and any kind of query, you can contact our friendly image experts and customer service. They will guide you throughout the process. They will help you to buy and select the image license with the magic of Alamy.

You just have to click on the chat button and provide all the details that the customer executive wants from you. They will guide you and make you clear about all the things with the magic of Alamy.

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