Top Tips & Ideas for Transforming Your Garden

Transforming Your Garden

Are you looking for inspiration and advice to turn your outdoor space into a haven for you and your family to chill and vibe? It’s quite understandable if you are confused about how to keep your transforming your garden upgraded. Since the outdoors attract quite an audience from outside and are always in a showcase scenario. Whether you are looking for small tidying jobs or bigger developments, you need a full-proof guide on how to upgrade your garden. Giving your garden a new look isn’t that easy, you need to read and you need to know a little more about various things.

Search up a little about the decking and patio types, fencing, and garden sheds. You must also have the right tools in case of certain installation and fitting.

Here are some of the best garden maintenance tips from Travis Perkin for those who want to keep their garden in the best condition. If you are interested in knowing in detail about how to keep your garden maintained then you should definitely visit the platform of Travis Perkins to get a detailed insight into it. For now, here are the best tips from their ‘Ideas and advice’ category in terms of garden and landscaping inspiration.

Best ideas for transforming your garden maintenance tips:

Garden Storage

When you are going out to buy garden storage items for your garden, make sure you keep the garden shed in mind. It will help you keep the tools and garden accessories in a safe and sound manner. Now, coming back to the garden storage. There are indeed various types of garden storage that are available in various sizes and in various other materials. The different types of transforming your garden storage items are:

Transforming Your Garden 1

1. Garden shed

2. Garden Storage Box

3. Outdoor Shelving

4. Storage Furniture

5. Log Store

6. Bike Store

Even if you have a small-sized garden, with these storage options, you’ll have a place to keep things safe and hidden. In fact, if you do not have any space in your indoors and outdoors, and you are worried about keeping your bike without any protection, then you must get a lockable bike store. This lockable bike store will offer enclosed protection from the ‘thief element’.

Garden furniture

Transforming Your Garden 2

When it’s summertime, all you need to do is put on your summer apparel and start with outdoor activities. But also during the summer months, your garden needs an upgrade. Most importantly your garden furniture. Within the platform of Travis Perkins, you can indeed find out the best garden furniture with various styles, sizes, and materials. Here are some of the types of transforming your garden furniture that you can install in your garden:

1. Wooden Garden Furniture

2. Wicker and Rattan Garden Furniture

3. Plastic Garden Furniture

4. Metal Garden Furniture

If you also want to know how to protect and transforming your garden furniture, then you should visit the platform of Travis Perkins, and then you should visit the category of ‘Ideas and advice’ to know more about it.

What are trellis and why should you add them?

A trellis is basically a light frame which is made of long thin pieces of wood which cross each other. These are mainly installed to support climbing plants. Trellis, originally, is a great addition to any garden, and within the platform of Travis Perkins, it is available in a wide variety of choices. Here are some of the best ideas related to Trellis:

Check-in with the size of the trellis

When you go into the market for a trellis, you’ll know that standard trellis dimensions can actually vary. But most commonly, one can find a trellis that is between 180 cm in height or maybe over that sometimes. The standard width of a trellis should be 30 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, or around 120cms.

What about the planning permission for the trellis?

Trellis is considered fencing by various authorities out there, but if your trellis doesn’t exceed the height of 2 meters, then you don’t even need permission for its installation. So, in this scenario, you can stay carefree.

What are the different types of Trellis which you can install?

Within the platform of Travis Perkins, you can find a wide variety of Trellis which you can install. Here are some of the types of Trellis:

1. Climbing Plants Trellis

2. Privacy Screens

3. Garden Divisions 

4. Artificial Garden Screening
5. Garden Features

There are various other types of ideas related to the trellis which are available on the platform of Travis Perkins. Indeed, if you are investing in trelliswork in your garden, then you must know that it will genuinely change the way you’re transforming your garden looks. Trellis is mainly used to elevate the look of transforming your garden, which is why you should check out the wide range of trellis which are available with Travis Perkins today. 

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