Top Places: Must-Visit Travel Destinations for Your Bucket List

Top Places

Top Places witness the unceasing craze and yearning for travel on social media platforms. There is an increasing trend among people these days to explore the world out there. Also, it is an unending one. The sole reason why people love to travel has more to do with escaping their daily routines. Who doesn’t want a break from burnout once in a while in their lives? But the growing trend surrounding the travel biz has to do with the love for wandering. Yet, there can be various reasons why someone is travelling too. Burnout from work has to top the list in general.

Why making a “Top Places” bucket list is worth considering:

Wanting to escape and get distracted by the beauty of different top places is normal in this sense. But what is more important than that is shortlisting the top places that you feel are important to you. Every tourist and traveller has this wish to visit particular top places at least once in their lifetime. This is where a ‘travel bucket list’ comes into play. Anyone who is passionate about travelling would already know what that is.

A travel bucket list is something where obviously you cannot list every single top places you want to visit in your lifetime. This is why, in that list, you need to list down the top ones that you desire to visit. If you are wondering about hotels and other bookings, then you need to look no further than the platform of Expedia.

Why choose Expedia?

As of today, Expedia is one of the most global online travel brands which is known to provide full service. Do you travel frequently? If you do, then plan your travel with the widest selection of packages, flights, hotels, rental cars, and much more with Expedia. Based in Seattle, Expedia is a renowned travel agency which comes under the Expedia Group. If you want to learn more about it, then you should visit Expedia’s website online.

Top Places to put on your travel bucket list

As already mentioned, it is important to have a travel bucket list. It helps one to set a plan in motion which can further help you to complete your goals.

1. London, England

Top Places

One of the main reasons why you should add London to your list of travel destinations is because it is one of the largest metropolises located in the United Kingdom. Along with that, it is where the country’s economic, transportation, and cultural centre are located. As a child, everyone has at least once noted glimpses of the London skyline and streets in movies and wished to visit it once in their lifetime. Whether you talk about Harry Potter or its famous tourist attractions, people are crazy about London. If your next destination is London, then you should find your hotels and more on Expedia online.

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Top Places

The city which is known to have the highest skyscrapers, Dubai is a dream for many. No doubt, there are so many people travelling to Dubai every year. Dubai, we are sure, cannot even closely estimate just how many tourists actually come to see its infrastructural miracles. Dubai actually talks luxury and can make anyone awestruck with ultra-modern buildings and its amazing architecture. If you agree with this and are planning to visit Dubai, then you should check out the stays and hotels from Expedia. One of the most lavish hotels in Dubai is Aloft Dubai South, a Marriott Hotel. Book this one to experience the true meaning of magnificence and luxury.

3. Phuket, Thailand

Top Places

If you have a group of friends who travel frequently then chances are that they have already been to Phuket. Also, the chances of them recommending this place to you are higher too. Why wouldn’t they do so? Phuket has got everything that youth energy craves. The vibe, food, people, places, and everything will make you wanna never leave the place. People these days crave a top place like that. Thriving on exotic beaches and experiencing the vibrant nightlife is a much-needed thing. Check out amazing hotels with the best views in Phuket with Expedia today.

4. Torremolinos, Spain

Top Places

When the thought of European travel is stuck in the head of someone, it’s always the Flamenco music and dance, siestas, bullfights, horses, the heritage sites, and let’s not forget the food. But, Spain has a lot more to offer to the travellers and tourists who happen to visit this beautiful country. In Spain, Torremolinos is regarded as a top places which is quite liberal and has excellent nightlife. One of the most famous hotels in Torremolinos is Sol Torremolinos – Don Marco. You can book this hotel for yourself from the website of Expedia. Experience an amazing staycation and explore the beauty of Torremolinos.

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