Top Exclusive iPhone Mobile Features You Need to Know

iPhone Mobile Features

There is always ongoing competition between Android and iPhone mobile. But, as there are so many different types and so many unique features in Android phones, there is always a new release of an Android mobile phone from another brand every month, and every time there is massive competition between Android phones and iPhones. iPhone Mobiles are considered the best for safety purposes because they have so many different types of security features built in, which attract the most users. For many years, there has been fierce competition between these two. Both have a large fan base based on their features. Apple phones are more expensive than Android phones, which have a wide price range from low to high. Most of the population uses Android phones. This is because they get so many unique features in different price ranges, which allows other people to buy the phone according to their budget. But when they know about the amazing features that are not available in Android phones, they will know the real worth of Apple phones, which they cannot find in any of the Android phones.

Top iPhone Mobile Features that you need to Know

  • Airplay-
iPhone Mobile Features

This type of app is still not available on any iPhone mobile device. This is a very useful and amazing app that helps in sharing videos, photos, music, and more from Apple devices to an Apple TV, any speaker, and any smart TV as well. We can easily enjoy these things more conveniently. This is also the simplest and quickest method. Given that Apple created this proprietary technology, which is called Airplay, this kind of functionality is not present on Android phones and is not something we anticipate being added to Android. This is the most convenient way to share our special songs and other videos with your iPod touch and iPad as well.

  • Live Text During Videos-
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Only the iPhone mobile has this amazing feature, which can be very helpful in the camera. As a result, it can copy, share, look up, and translate any text that appears in the viewfinder. This feature was introduced with the iPhone 15 and has become extremely popular because it simplifies so much of the work. Based on the text that appears in the frame, the camera also offers quick actions to quickly call phone numbers, visit websites, convert currencies, and more. This is an amazing feature that is not available on Android. This can make it easy for people in any live meeting or online class. As there are so many types of details, we cannot write them down faster, so this is the best way to copy the whole thing.

  • Drag and Drop-

Interesting right? Drag and drop is a feature that allows you to move computer files or images across the screen by clicking on them and dragging them with the mouse. This is available on computers, but it is also available on the iPhone 15 after a software update. You can easily drag the content from one place to another, and we can easily drop the content as well. This feature is astonishingly present in the Apple iPhone mobile; it makes work easier and saves time. This also makes it easier to write longer pieces of content in less time because we simply drag the content around and place it where it needs to be. However, even in the most recent Android software, such features as dragging and dropping content and other items where we want them do not exist.

  • Offloading apps:

This is also an amazing feature that is only available on iOS devices. This feature is useful for conserving the device’s available storage space. With the help of this app, we can easily release the storage space occupied by the app without deleting the documents and data of the app that are saved on the phone. You can also delete some data and documents that are not required. If you uninstall an app, it will be deleted and removed from your storage. This will remove the unnecessary space in the iPhone mobile, which is not required, so we can make the phone more storage-free, and hence we can add more other apps that we use daily. This happens when we download apps that we need right away but have no use for in our daily lives.

There are more security and amazing features that you can find in iPhone mobile than in Android mobiles. If you love all the features of the iPhone mobile, you can buy the latest model, which has so many interesting features. Visit Tesco Mobile, where you can find the best mobile iPhone that your budget allows. There are also some amazing offers that are always available on the website.

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