Top Ebooks Every Bookworm Should Have in Their Collection

Top Ebooks
Top Ebooks

Everyone is engrossed in thinking digital first these days. This is one of the main reasons why people now prefer top eBooks which are portable and lightweight. Top eBooks are also easier to carry. One doesn’t have to carry multiple bulky books as a single eBook reader can hold thousands of top eBooks. This will help you save a lot of space in your home and in your bag too. Also, one doesn’t have to be worried about storage limits. Since you can download as many books as you want without worrying about storage. Here, the main aim of eBooks is to mainly enhance the overall learning experience.

Want Top EBooks?

If you are looking for eBooks lately, then obviously you’d want a platform that offers various types of books which are to your liking. If so is the case, then you should definitely visit the platform of Legimi to find your favorite books with them. Explore the various categories of books that are available with them online on their website. Categories like fantasy & sci-fi, sensation, thriller, horror, business development, humanities, and so much more. You can also find guides, lifestyle, religion & spirituality, education, and more. Explore these categories on Legimi’s website and pick the ones which you like reading.

Top EBooks Every Book Lover Should Read

These are the top eBooks that you should get from Legimi if you are a bookworm. Check them out on their website online!

1. Do not tell anyone

Top Ebooks

This one is a bestseller and it is written by Karolina Wajciak. This is a well-written story with the best twists and turns which can keep the reader quite engaged. Also, the characters of this book demonstrate growth over the course of the story, which also provides lessons for the students to learn. Children really wouldn’t want to keep this book down as each part of the tale ties neatly together in this book. This book is also quite absorbing for the readers. But that’s not all, this is a suspenseful novel with a strong female main character. A kid will definitely love this middle-grade tale, which is actually based on the real pirates of the Caribbean. Many reviewers suggested that this book is also very fascinating and that it cannot be put down.

2. Possessed

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This one is unique in its theme and is loved by people who prefer reading dark and funny stories. This book also explores mental illness and the supernatural theme. It is also the very first accessible book that has considered the psychological origins and future ownership in a rapidly changing world. It has got that dark, gothic tale which is set in a modern-day time. In fact, in some way, possessed is a book that is about the relationship between art and life. Within the book, a reader would find out that it is a planned duology and along with that it is an effective psychological horror story that excels in terms of characterization and atmosphere. Anyone who loves a deep read would surely love this book. Get this from Legimi today!

3. Blinded by the lights

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Many reviewers say that this book stays true to its genre. For many others, this book is dark, dangerous, and seductive at the same time. Also, this book has a multi-layered story. Also, the book became a bestseller in Poland because the book consists of brilliant stuff from a fresh perspective in crime fiction. Written by Jakub Żulczyk, this book is just amazing. Many readers have considered this book an outstanding read which has a great plot too. Along with that, it has a well-planned storyline, and the characters of this book are created with great detail and depth. These characters will keep you on the edge for a while. Various readers have also considered this book as tough, knowing, and high-octane crime fiction. Get this one from Legimi today!

4. Rebecca

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Are you a binge-watcher of Netflix series? Well, then you must have already heard about the buzz around Rebecca. Also, many readers are in love with this book and they surely recommend this book to their friends and family. Along with that, this book represents a lot of subjects in one story. For many people, it’s like music. Just like a lot of instruments coming together and becoming a soundtrack that a person listens to. This one is a gothic novel which is written by the author Daphne du Maurier. The main reason why this novel is actually famous has to do with a different fact altogether. This book gained popularity for its rich evocation of the secretive mansion of Manderley and its first mistress. Also, reading this book feels like magic. That’s what many readers have conveyed on social media handles and on the internet. Own this book from Legimi today.

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