Top Amazing Place To Visit London This Holiday!

If you are going to an amazing place in London for the first time, be ready to be an amazing place in so many places. This amazing place is the heart and soul of the UK. Many visitors come to this place and enjoy it with their loved ones and family as well. This amazing place is historically important and culturally diverse. There are so many places to visit. This is so famous and is the hub for landmarks, iconic buildings, and innovative attractions that you don’t need to search for.  It is also the city of innovation and the undisputed capital of the world. There are so many places you can visit when you reach London. Make your own list of the best amazing place you can visit in the period of time you have for the trip. If you are coming to London with the whole family, then there are also lots of places to visit that are kid-friendly. They will love to visit there and enjoy it a lot.

You can also visit some Amazing Place of cultural and iconic places here. 

  • Princelet Street
Amazing Place 1

If you are a person who loves to click photos every time and collect so many pictures, then this place is best for you, as this place is famous for photoshoots and is also considered an amazing film location. The old buildings and eclectic feel make it a place that is a complete set for shooting the dramatic scene as well. This street is just a few steps away from the sights and sounds of some intersecting parts of London. Princelet Street is a quiet street that consists of old buildings. At the end of Princelet Street, there is a presence of color and bustle in the brick lane. It is an area for different kinds of festivities, markets, cafes, and alleyways.

  • Waterloo Bridge
Amazing Place 2

The name of the bridge was originally meant to be a strand bridge. This is the perfect spot to look at the beauty of the city, and the view from this bridge is just amazing and so relaxing as well. Also, the sunset view from this place is amazing and breathtaking. This bridge is almost 71 meters long. Many people came to visit this bridge, see the view from the bridge, and enjoy every bit of it. The first Waterloo Bridge was a financial disaster and was also considered the noblest bridge in the world. When it was opened in 1948, its name was Waterloo Bridge Station, and after 40 years, its name changed to Waterloo Station.

  • Warner Bros. Studio
Amazing Place 3

This is such an amazing place to visit. You can say that this is the most magical place to visit in the world. This is the place where Harry Potter all begins in the superhit movie. This is one of the best places for the tour. You can see the pair of glasses that Harry Potter wears. This is considered one of the most iconic sets of the film ever. You can see the incredible costumes, the wigs, and all the other things that are used by the prominent cast of the film series. You can also explore Dumbledore’s office and all the things you have seen in the film. There is also the Nimbus 2000 broomstick to fly around Hogwarts. The Hogwarts Express and all the things that are so important parts of the movie will be there, and it must be the best of the memories in your life.

  • Westminster Abbey
Amazing Place 4

This is an amazing place and a landmark tour of London. It is estimated that over 1 million people visit this place every year. Westminster Abbey was formed by Benedictine monks. The original name of Westminster Abbey is The Collegiate Church Of Saint Peter at Westminster. It has been the coronation church for the British monarch since 1066. Almost seventeen royal weddings have taken place here in Westminster Abbey since April 29, 2011. About 3000 people were buried or commemorated in Westminster. It is one of the most notable structures in Britain. It is said that it contributes to the country. The Grandiose Gothic design has attracted millions of visitors every time they visit this amazing place. It is also one of the oldest buildings and is also used in today’s era. The other buildings around this church are still in progress. Due to its huge size and beautiful architecture, many people are attracted to it. There is a statue of a bearded lady. The Catholic Encyclopedia described her as a ‘ fabulous female saint’. It is also the house of the burials of playwrights, poets, and writers, which is popularly known as the ‘Poets’ Corner. You can find this in the South Transept of the Abbey.

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