Top 5 Iconic products you should be aware of!

Many people know Marks and Spencer as an iconic products luxury brand which is predominantly known for combining and implementing the idea of comfort and style together. Along with that, they are also known to give every fabric and clothing a fashionable pattern and tasteful finishing touches. It is today known as one of the biggest British retail clothing and food companies. Along with that, it is also one of the most renowned United Kingdom chain stores that deal in selling its own-brand merchandise.

But Marks and Spencer are a lot more than just a brand which deals in trendy, vogue, and chic-looking iconic products items. That said, it’s important to note that they are indeed engaged in bringing about the environmental change which many want to see. Also, this is something they do with various policies too. But, most importantly, the production of 5 iconic products as per them have changed the face of their perspective of their brand.

Here’s a brief idea of why M&S takes much pride in the 5 Iconic products of these items.

1. Denim

Iconic products

Denim is a clothing item which can never go out of style. Sure, trousers pants and other bottom-wear are great, but the look that denim will give you is iconic and unmatched. Also, it’s a staple for many consumers and people all over the world. But if you are even a little aware, you must know that jeans production leads to high water use. M&S addresses this fact and it wants to bring more value and quality-based denim iconic products which also have a sustainability factor attached to it.

In the year 2021, they launched their most sustainable denim range. This is something they did by using about 100% responsibly sourced cotton and also by using 80% less water in its finishing process. This has been made possible by partnering with Jeanologia, which is widely known to be a leader in sustainable finishing technologies. They have also started to replace their standard indigo dyes. Instead, now they are using alternatives which are cleaner and more resource efficient.

2. Eating sustainably

It is a well-known fact that growing and producing food ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. Also, it’s a fact of life that most people learn to eat well. All the other needs come afterwards. This is one of the main reasons why food production makes a great contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions. Solely, because it’s a universal requirement. Also, not to forget about the amount of emissions which come from all cars, lorries, aeroplanes, and ships. M&S believes that food production is necessary, but so is producing food sustainably to create a better future.

3. Cotton

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There are so many people who would rather take cotton fabric-based apparel home with them than any other one. Simply, because cotton is something which is more durable and resistant than the other fabrics. Also, its fibres are 30% stronger during washing. There are many advantages which are attached to cotton. Cotton is great in both summers and winters. In summer, cotton will keep you cool since it doesn’t restrict the passing of air. Whereas, in winter it can keep you warm.

Apart from this, cotton is widely used. But, if cotton isn’t grown sustainably, it can leave a significant environmental and social footprint. It really does take between 10,000 and 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton. Moreover, its cultivation can also be highly chemical intensive. Sourcing cotton more sustainably is something that M&S has been working on for the past decade.

4. Coffee

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It is indeed the second most tradable commodity across the world. Coffee is a staple drink of millions of people. There are people who consume it on a daily basis and there are also people who consume it occasionally. This means it’s a universal product. But, due to climate changes, smallholder coffee farmers have been facing various challenges. M&S sells coffee both in the stores and in their M&S cafes with high ethical and environmental standards. So, wait no more and get your daily dose of coffee at M&S cafes.

5. M&S Energy

Through this platform of M&S, you can stay informed about the ‘sustainability bit’ of M&S. They advise their customers to make a change and live greener, starting today. This is something that they are doing by providing 100% renewable power. If you are interested in switching to this service, then you need to visit their website online to get an instant quote for the same. Their electricity comes from renewable sources which are powered by wind, hydro, and solar energy. So, wait no more and switch to more sustainable choices with iconic products from M&S today!

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