Switch to Android: Everything You Need to Know!

Switch to Android

One of the main reasons why people switch to Android has to do with the fact that it is cheaper and less expensive than iPhone devices because Android is an open source. This means that the code for this operating system is available to anyone who wants to make an app for it. Along with that, Androids are preferred more by people since they give you more Freedom, Control, and customizations. But Android is not just limited to that, it has all the capacities to perform a large variety of tasks which Windows and iPhone do. Moreover, it is also capable of rapidly executing assigned operations.

Sure, there are many good reasons to choose an iPhone as your smartphone. Yet, it is important to note that there are also many compelling reasons to switch to Android device. 

Why switch to Android?

If you are looking for reasons to switch to Android, then here are some of the best ones.

1. Customization

The degree of customization that is possible is one of the most convincing arguments for switching to Android. Android users have more customization options than iOS users do with their smartphones. This includes the capability to alter the interface’s appearance and feel, add unique widgets and icons, and even install custom ROMs to totally alter the device’s OS.

2. Price

The vast range of price possibilities is another benefit of selecting Android. While Android devices range in price from basic models to high-end flagships, iPhones typically have a higher price point. Because of this, there is an Android device for every price range.

3. Google Services

Switch to Android

Because Google develops Android, a variety of Google services are pre-installed on Android-powered devices. Services like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Assistant are included in this. As the Android operating system has these services tightly integrated, doing so is simple.

4. Flexibility

Since Android is an open-source operating system, developers have a lot of freedom to design apps and other modifications for the system. This has produced a thriving industry of non-iOS third-party apps and customizations.

5. Customizable Home Screen

Switch to Android

The programmable home screen of Android is another significant benefit. Android users can add widgets and other components to their home screen, unlike iOS, which has a set grid of icons. This eliminates the need to cycle through menus to reach regularly used apps and information.

6. Multitasking

Android smartphones can multitask more effectively than iOS devices. Two programs can be run simultaneously, and picture-in-picture mode can be used to continue watching a video while using other apps.

7. Expandable Storage

Several Android devices have expandable storage, which makes it simple to use a microSD card to add more capacity to your handset. This is especially helpful if you want to save a lot of data on your smartphone, such as music or videos.

8. Greater Variety of Hardware

Switch to Android

Since Android is an open platform, a wide range of hardware producers create Android-based products. As a result, a wider range of devices is now available, each with a unique screen size, battery life, and other characteristics to meet a range of requirements.

9. Better Notification System

Moreover, Android’s notification system is superior to iOS’s. By app, notifications are grouped together, and you can quickly reject or give them higher priority as necessary. Also, you may choose which notifications you want to receive and how they are displayed.

10. Google Assistant

Last but not least, Android devices come with Google Assistant, a potent virtual assistant. You can use it to assist you with a variety of chores, from setting alarms and reminders to finding information and giving directions. Numerous more Google services are connected with Google Assistant, making it simple to use your voice to retrieve information and manage your devices.

There are many convincing arguments for switch to Android. Android is an attractive alternative for anyone shopping for a new smartphone because of the customization choices, price range, Google services, flexibility, changeable home screens, multitasking skills, expandable storage, variety of hardware, better notification system, and Google Assistant.

Switch to Android: Where to Find Your New Smartphone?

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Switch to Android

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Switch to Android

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