Streamline Your Healthcare Workflow with ShareNote EHR Software

Streamline Your Healthcare Workflow with ShareNote EHR Software

EHR software is a tool that helps healthcare providers store and manage patient health records digitally. It also allows them to schedule appointments with patients and record patient progress notes.

ShareNote EHR is an ambulatory EHR that has been certified by the Drummond Group and meets meaningful use criteria. Its features include an easy-to-use note review system and a billing system that automatically reconciles denials. It also includes electronic prescriptions and support for multiple sites.

Features of ShareNote EHR Software

ShareNote EHR software offers a centralized system for managing patient records, notes and services. It also features a billing system that helps users verify insurance claims and correct denials.

The platform is EHR certified and supports multiple locations. It also has a universal note system that lets users create all kinds of notes, including PIE, SOAP, GIRP, and BIRP.

It also offers a centralized note review system, a billing system that automatically reconciles denials, and staff performance reviews. Its billing system allows medical professionals to bill insurance payors directly and increase paid claim interest if necessary without breaking a sweat.

ShareNote is a reliable platform that helps healthcare organizations simplify documentation and daily tasks. It has received ambulatory EHR certification from the Drummond Group and maintains data to help practices meet meaningful use criteria.

Benefits of ShareNote EHR Software

ShareNote EHR software helps behavioral health practices become more efficient. It features a centralized note review system and a billing system that automatically reconciles insurance denials.

It also includes a patient portal for easy access to patient records and appointments. The patient portal also allows users to attach images to patient charts and fax reports to patients.

Moreover, the software helps reduce denied claims by preventing data entry errors. This can save doctors and practice managers time and money. It also improves their motivation to provide high-quality care.

User-Friendly Interface of ShareNote EHR Software

The user-friendly interface of ShareNote EHR Software is an important aspect that helps users complete tasks quickly and easily. The interface must follow a standard look and feel, offer real-time feedback, and allow users to customize settings.

It should also be easy to navigate and include concise error messages that explain how to proceed. It should minimize the time clinicians spend on completing tasks and allow them to focus on patient care.

ShareNote is a web-based EHR system that is designed to simplify the operations of healthcare practices that provide substance abuse, developmental disabilities, and mental health services. It has received ambulatory EHR certification from the Drummond Group and maintains data to help practices meet meaningful use requirements.

Integration with Other Systems

EHR software integration allows for the exchange of patient data between multiple healthcare systems. This makes it easier for clinicians to deliver a more personalized experience for patients.

A good EHR software should offer features that help reduce error rates, improve workflow efficiency and save time. These features can include user-friendly interface, concise error messages and automatic correction of data entry errors. Deepscribe Telemedicine Software is another best software, you should check its features.

Sharenote EHR is a robust document management system that helps medical practices simplify their operations and streamline daily tasks. It provides a customizable patient portal that allows patients to sign forms and view treatment plans. It also helps send electronic prescriptions and checks patient vitals. Its claims reconciliation feature helps in reducing denials and delays. It also has a dedicated customer support team.


Sharenote EHR Software is a comprehensive system that makes documentation and daily tasks in medical practices smooth and easy. It helps a lot in ensuring that medical professionals are able to deliver quality care to their patients. Its wide range of features, integration with other systems and ease of use make it a preferred choice amongst various medical organizations. It is also available on desktop and mobile platforms, so users can easily access the system from anywhere they are. The product is affordable and allows monthly and yearly payments. It has a solid user satisfaction rating of 75%. However, if you are not satisfied with its features and terms, you can always try other ShareNote alternatives that may suit your needs better. The best way to choose an EHR Software is to evaluate its characteristics, price and terms before making a final decision.

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