Choosing A Mattress That Cares For Your Spine


The spine is most important for the whole life, as it is the only part of the body that helps to attain proper body posture. So choosing a mattress has become a major part of our health. The spine gives support to the body and allows our body to move freely. Only with the help of our spine are we able to walk and do whatever we want to do with proper flexibility. Our spine is also called the body’s central structure. Our spine is also very helpful for proper sitting, walking, twisting, bending, practicing yoga, stretching, and many other things.

We as humans know that the spine is a very integral part of our body, but still, we don’t focus at all on taking care of it and making it feel comfortable and healthy. Our spine connects to different parts of the musculoskeletal system of the body. If we don’t take care of our spinal cord, then we can face so many problems, which can be very dangerous for our whole life. There are five spinal segments 

  • Cervical ( C1 to C7 )
  • Thoracic ( T1 to T12 )
  • Lumbar ( L1 to L5 )
  • Sacrum ( S1 to S5 )
  • Coccyx / Tailbone 

Each division of the vertebral column must be healthy, should band, and can twist easily. It provides attachments to the muscles and supports the trunk. So we should take care of our spinal cord, and the kind of choosing mattress for proper sleep and the shape of the spinal cord is important.

Almost all types of mattresses sag after some time of being used. It’s very difficult to choose that can be used in the long run and is also good for the spine. These are available in the market according to their price, quality, material, firmness, and lifespan.

CASPER has so many mattresses available like 

  • Innerspring Mattress – It is the most traditional type which is very useful for those having lower back issues. The material is made of latex, natural fibers, or foam. It will support your back a lot. It is also very budget-friendly.
  • Foam Mattress – It provides both softness and comfort to the body. It is very good for side sleepers and for those having joint pains. It also helps restless sleepers and makes them feel comfortable. You can use these types of mattresses for a longer period.
  • Hybrid Mattress –  These are made up of both spring and foam that’s why these are called Hybrid mattresses. You don’t feel like sinking into this mattress. This will support your back and make you feel comfortable. This type of mattress is a little bit expensive but is of very good quality. The Casper Original, The Nova Hybrid, and The Wave Hybrid are some of the varieties of the Casper, which will make you feel comfortable.

The orthopedic mattress is most suitable for people suffering from back pain. Do not opt for the saggy mattress at all, as it is not good for the back and the spinal cord. If you use a sagging mattress, it can lead to uneven spinal support, which can build pressure in your back and neck and cause severe pain. A lack of proper posture in the back may lead to severe back pain and can lead you to the chiropractor and other doctors for treatment of the pain. But if you always focus on your back and the mattress, you will not go through this pain and the process.

If you choose a good mattress according to the requirements of your health, then you can have a good sleep with great comfort. Choosing the wrong type may have bad effects on the spine. It is always understood that lack of support from the mattress may cause poor sleeping posture, strain your muscles, and doesn’t keep the spines aligned. These all contribute to back pain. So always use a good product for better sleep and comfort.

Casper has a huge range according to your needs and desires. All the mattresses are in different sizes and also available. Also, you have a free 100-night trial opportunity from Casper. All are available for a better spinal condition and good health of the spine.

Our spine is a complex structure of small bones, cushioning discs, joints, ligaments, and nerves. It is the life-support system of the human body. If we do not take proper care of our backbone, then it is susceptible to severe back injuries, arthritis, herniated disks, pinched nerves, and many other problems that may occur. Always consult the doctor in time if faced with these kinds of issues with your spinal cord. It is a very essential part of our body; without it, we cannot walk properly, twist, bend down, etc., and do all the things that we do and want to do.

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