Put together Prada outfits with Bergdorf Goodman!

Prada outfits

Anyone who follows high-fashion brands would already know about the popularity of the brand Prada outfits in the fashion world. It’s not out of exaggeration that a Hollywood movie was named after this brand. It is a leading high-fashion company that is known to manufacture and distribute luxury goods. But, as a fashion lover, you should do a little more than just that. Here is an interesting piece of information about the brand that will make you fall for it once more!

Why do people love Prada outfits?

People love Prada outfits because the sole personality of this brand symbolizes being a rebel on its own. Prada Outfits is also a firm believer in the world of tomorrow. Their main aim is to avoid nostalgia and welcome modernity. Also, this is the kind of mentality that is liked by individuals. Most of the individuals who are a fan of this brand appreciate the simplicity of this brand. They also enjoy the utilitarianism that comes with the product of Prada.

Also, as of today, Prada is one of the most high-end named brands. Many products of Prada come with a classic style and timeless design. One more thing that makes this brand iconic is that this brand has been in the fashion industry for over 100 years. It is a brand that has designed and sold stunningly elegant handbags, clothes, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and now children. That said, the main focus of the brand is to stay true to its unique aesthetic.

Items for Prada outfit from Bergdorf Goodman

If you are a fan of Prada then you should definitely own an outfit that is a proper Prada outfit. Here are the items that you should add to your cart if you want one too.

1. A woolen sweater

Prada outfit

Starting with the topwear, a woolen sweater is a great fit for the winter season. Check out the Prada lamé open-knit sweater from Bergdorf Goodman. This sweater has a crew neckline which looks great. Along with that, this sweater is long-sleeved and has ribbed cuffs, and hem. Moreover, the style of this sweater is a pullover. Why should you go with this crew neck sweater? Well, a crew neck sweater is the most popular knitwear style. Also, the crew neck sweater has a rounded neck which sits great with any layer. It’s really a versatile piece of clothing. Also, this sweater can be worn in the office for corporate meetings or for any business meeting.

2. A skirt for bottom wear

Prada outfit

Skirts have been ruling the fashion world of women for quite a long time now. Many women wear them because they are known to provide full coverage and along with that, they also look elegant. They have been fashionable pieces of clothing in the past and they continue to be fashionable in the future too. Also, maybe ditch the regular jeans this time and go with the Kid Mohair Skirt with Jeweled Buttons by Prada available at Bergdorf Goodman. This is a high-waisted skirt that has a wrap-around silhouette and it is also short in length. Also, this skirt has a side button closure which looks super flattering too. Pair this Mohair/virgin wool/silk skirt with the woolen sweater mentioned above.

3. Add boots

Prada outfit

Once you are done deciding on the top and bottom wear for your outfit, you need to shift your focus towards the footwear options. There are several options which are available with Bergdorf-Goodman, especially when it comes to footwear. Yet, if you are looking for Prada boots then you should definitely check out the Suede Zip Ankle Booties from Bergdorf Goodman. These boots have a round toe and they also have a side zip for your convenience. Along with that, these boots have a leather outsole and they are also made in Italy. You shouldn’t think twice before getting them since they would totally go with your outfit. A woolen sweater, a skirt, and these boots will genuinely make you look elegant!

4. Accessorizing

One significant reason why accessorizing is important has to do with the fact that they are known to provide interest to your outfit. If you don’t add them to your outfit, then it will become boring! Two main accessories that you should add to your outfit are sunglasses and a bag. These two accessories will genuinely complete your look. Check out the Galleria Crystal Top-Handle Bag by Prada which is available at Bergdorf Goodman. The look of this bag would make you want to buy it right away. This bag comes in metallic fabric and has glass crystals on it. You’ll love it! For sunglasses, you should check out the Geo Round Acetate Sunglasses by Prada. Visit the website of Bergdorf Goodman to learn more about them.

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