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Top Books reading has been known to enhance a person’s learning, knowledge, and fluency in the language the book was written in. But that’s not all about the benefits of reading. There are indeed various benefits which are associated with reading. Reading books is an enjoyable leisure time activity that can be therapeutic for many people. But also reading top books will keep you self-aware and more empathetic to the small details you notice around yourself. So, if you are a bookworm too, here are some of the books that you should get from Legimi.

Top Books You Should Have in Your Collection

Here are some of the top books that you should own from Legimi if you are a bookworm.

1.  A man named ove

Top Books

The book received its fair share of attention when it came out on the market. Some had second thoughts, while some didn’t think twice before getting this for themselves. There are indeed many things that are fixed in this book. It is based on a man called Ove, who is a 59-year-old widower. He is someone who lashes out at his neighbors. Not just them, but he lashes at almost anyone. In this book, the story goes back and forth between Ove’s childhood times and his life as a fifty-nine-year-old man living in Sweden. There are a lot of emotions and so much more that is fixated in this book. This book really grows on you so you have to give it proper time. This is also Fredrik Backman’s debut novel, which is quite warm and has a captivating strength.

2. Black starless night

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If you are a bookworm, then surely you’d already know about the author Stephen King. He is one of the most recognizable authors living today. The Black Starless Night is actually a collection of mini-novels. This novel really reveals the dark side of each one of us. It has unusual stories and it is connected by a theme of punishment. A theme like the one this book has will really keep all of its readers an edge. There is something different and unique about the way Stephen King’s novel has been written. They speak for themselves, making the readers addicted to the plot. If you are a Stephen King fan then you should wait no more and get this book from Legimi. You’ll surely be spending hours reading this book so as to get to the end of it.

3. My policeman

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Well, the overall understanding of this book has been described in four words, namely love, betrayal, timing, and intolerance. These four words genuinely describe the true essence of this book. Many readers have regarded this book as an admirably well-written novel. Back in the 1950s, being different was a thing that was almost forbidden by the same sex. This thing has been beautifully portrayed in this book. Also, this is one of the most dashing novels which is also gripping since it has got romantic rivals against each other. This book has got everything a romantic and thriller book should have. It really keeps the readers hooked on the plot till the end. So, if you have been looking for a book that will really keep you an edge, then you should get this one from Legimi today.

4. Dreams and nightmares


Stephen King really is the master of horror stories as he delivers the readers super creepy short stories which won’t let you sleep peacefully at night. The plot of many of his top books is such that you’d be haunted by his creative and fictional setting every time you close your eyes to think. This is also a pretty good book that has a mix of different kinds of stories. In fact, many of his stories are thoroughly enjoyable. This one is about a private investigator who is in his depression era. He is in Los Angeles and he is trying to find his life unraveling as he discovers the very shocking truth of who he actually is. Now, of course, if you are reading Stephen King, you are bound to get the twists and turns in his book. Own this from Legimi today!

Why Legimi?

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