Makeup Items You Can’t Afford to Miss: Must-Have Selections!

Makeup Items

Whether you are going to a party, event, occasion, or simply going to the office or college, makeup items is something that is essential for almost all women out there. Their vanity is filled with makeup items that are to be used for special occasions or for regular use. For many women wearing makeup helps boost their confidence. Sometimes, it’s not something they do to look more appealing or attractive, but instead, it’s something they do because of their own preference. Makeup items in the current era stand for much more. That said, there are many women who rely on makeup items to creatively express themselves. Makeup in that sense, is becoming a medium of art.

The hype around makeup

Truth be told, wearing makeup or not is a completely personal choice. These days it is not all something that is influenced by society or a group of people. But in the majority, it is safe to assume that women love makeup as per their own preference. Also, the makeup industry has brought its own innovations and advancements all along.

Since there are various women who use makeup on a daily basis, many brands are coming up with products that are safe to use on a daily basis. Also, many brands have started an initiative to make their products cruelty-free and started a sustainability campaign all along. If you have been looking for premium makeup products then you shouldn’t look any further than Bergdorf Goodman.

Top makeup items from Bergdorf Goodman

Here are the top makeup items you should add to your list from Bergdorf Goodman. These suggested items are sold by high-fashion brands and are worth trying!

1. Face Trace Contour Stick

Makeup Items

The main reason why one might require a contour stick is that it gives your face an even tone. You might have seen various YouTube beauty vloggers using a contour stick during their beauty procedures. A contour stick can also help highlight your cheekbones, jawline, and hairline, and make your nose more pointed. But how? Well, it darkens those areas of your face where it is believed that a shadow would naturally fall. If you are looking for a contour stick then you should add the Face Trace Contour Stick by Westman Atelier to your cart. Own this product from Bergdorf Goodman today! It is available in two different shades, namely biscuit and ganache. Also, this product is free of any parabens, PEGs, talc, or any harmful fragrances.

2. Eye Color Quad

Makeup Items 1

If you are anyhow interested in the science of makeup, you’d know the value of an eyeshadow. It may seem like it doesn’t have much use, but in reality, it can change your look a lot. Also, it’s obvious that you don’t really use your eye shadow on a daily basis; it’s an occasional thing. Eye shadow is something that can really add great depth and dimension to a person’s eyes and if you are someone who has different colored eyes then you’ll be at an added advantage. Eye shadows are also meant to complement one’s eye color and make one’s eyes appear longer in appearance. So, if you have been looking for an eye shadow palette with trendy colors then you shouldn’t look any further than the Eye Color Quad by Tom Ford, which is available at Bergdorf Goodman.

3. Rose Hermès Silky Blush Powder

Makeup Items

A blush powder is hydrating and it also adds luminosity to the skin of an individual. Therefore, it is best for dry skin. A blush powder will add an instant flush of colour to your cheeks and this will in turn compliment the glow of your face. If you have been looking for a good blush powder lately then you should look any further than the Rose Hermès Silky Blush Powder by Hermes. Own this product today from Bergdorf Goodman. This blush comes with a semi-matte finish and it is embossed with a texture that resembles the silk twill. This is also a long-lasting powder that brings out the luminous and radiant complexion on a person’s face. Wear this blush as a finishing touch to your cheeks.

4. Future Skin Foundation

Makeup Items

The main purpose of a foundation is to equalize the color of the skin and add a pinch of radiance to the complexion of the person. It also makes the large pores appear smaller. If you are wearing a foundation then you can also make your blemishes appear less visible. Also, when you are starting your makeup, foundation is used as a base. Along with that, a foundation is known to provide a smoother finish and a healthier glow on one’s face. If you have been looking for a foundation lately then you shouldn’t look any further than the Future Skin Foundation by Chantecaille. Own this product today from Bergdorf Goodman.

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