Looking For Video Templates? Best Ones Revealed Below!

Video Templates

Video templates are necessary since they are designed to give us an idea about the layout of a video. They also help in taking away the stress of making a video from scratch. For instance, a video template will help you decide what type of music you need to use or what kind of sound effects your video will have. A video template is premade, therefore, with a video template you don’t have to worry about coming up with all the ideas by yourself. 

What is the purpose of templates?

Well, first of all, templates make your work much easier. Video templates are even better since they are ready-to-use assets that can be used within various editing software. Also, one can customize their videos as per their preference if they are using a video template. If you have been looking for good video templates lately then you shouldn’t look any further than Envato Placeit. Browse through the various different types of video templates which are available with them.

Why choose video templates from Placeit?

A large selection of digital assets, including video templates, are available on the well-known online marketplace Envato Placeit. You can alter pre-made video designs using video templates to suit your needs. It can be difficult to select the right video template for your project from among the over 25,000 that are offered on Envato Placeit. This post will examine some of Envato Placeit’s top video templates and explain why they are deserving of consideration.

1. Bold Typography Opener

Video Templates

For making captivating video intros for your brand or company, use bold typography. A perfect example of this is the Bold Typography Opener video template from Envato Placeit. It has a striking, contemporary font that grabs viewers’ attention right away. Also, this template enables you to incorporate your own images and videos, making it simple to design a unique intro that reflects your company.

2. Animated Instagram Story

In order to interact with their audience on social media, marketers are increasingly using animated Instagram Stories. For making captivating stories that stand out in a crowded feed, Envato Placeit’s Animated Instagram Story video template is ideal. Colors, text, and images are just a few of the configurable components found in this template. Also, you may select from a variety of animation types, which makes it simple to make a distinctive and captivating Instagram story.

3. YouTube End Screen

Video Templates

Provide a professional-looking end screen that invites people to subscribe to your channel and view your other videos if you have a YouTube channel. This procedure is made simple with the YouTube End Screen video template from Envato Placeit. You can add links to your other films and social network accounts, and it has configurable aspects like colors, text, and photos. Popular video editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro can also use this template.

4. Social Media Lower Thirds

Every video production must have lower thirds. They give crucial details like names, titles, and places and can help your video look more polished. If you want to use lower thirds in your films, the Social Media Lower Thirds video template from Envato Placeit is a fantastic choice. It has contemporary and fashionable designs that are ideal for social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, you can easily add your own text and colors to this design.

5. Product Promo Video

Video Templates

Videos promoting your items are a fantastic method to show off your offerings to potential clients. You may make high-caliber promo videos with the Product Promo Video template from Envato Placeit, which has a professional appearance. It allows you to exhibit your products in a variety of ways and has aspects that can be customized, including colors, text, and photographs. For companies wishing to produce product demonstration videos or advertising, this template is ideal.

6. Animated Logo Reveal

Your brand will stand out more if you use animated logo reveals. An excellent example of this is the Envato Placeit Animated Logo Reveal video template. It has animated components that present your logo in a distinctive and interesting way. Also, you can easily add your own colors and animations to this design.

7. Explainer Video

Video Templates

Explainer videos are a fantastic method to help your audience understand difficult ideas or products. For producing explainer videos of the highest caliber, Envato Placeit’s Explainer Video template is ideal. You may add animations and voiceovers, and it has adjustable settings for the text, graphics, and colors. For companies wishing to produce instructional or instructive videos, this template is ideal.

8. Instagram Video Ad

Video Templates

Instagram advertising is a fantastic social media tool for connecting with new clients. Making eye-catching ads that stand out in a congested feed is easy with the Instagram Video Ad template from Envato Placeit. Check out more such video templates from their website.

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