Italy Exploration: Calabria, A Gem You Must Visit!

The country, Italy is shaped like a boot and people say that Calabria is the toe of Italy exploration. For many tourists, this southern Italian region is popular for its spicy and robust cuisine. It also emphasises powerful ingredients like garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and red-hot chilli peppers. Many people also say that Calabria is a sun-baked region of rugged mountains, and old-fashioned villages, and has a dramatic coastline. But that’s not all of the things that are there in Calabria. This place also has many popular beaches. For many tourists, Calabria is just like an undiscovered gem which is at the extended foot of Italy exploration.

Travel Safely and Enjoyably on Your Calabria Italy Exploration

Calabria italy exploration is a bigger state than Connecticut and the nation of Montenegro. It is also mostly surrounded by the coast and reaches 1955 metres at its highest inland points. In Calabria, you’ll find that this region is a mixture of cultures from ancient Greece to Bourbon Spain and France. Along with that, Calabria offers stunning views, beauty, and historical interest to tourists. It also offers extensive woodlands, lakes, and numerous physical activities for all age groups. It is not just limited to that, there is indeed a lot more one can explore and do in Calabria.

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Italy Exploration through Top Attractions in Calabria

It is a well-known fact to all the natives and tourists that Calabria italy exploration is best explored by train lines which run along the coast and cross inland via the two main cities of Cosenza and Catanzaro.

1. Raganello Nature Reserve

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We are a biological product of nature and once in a while, everyone craves nature. Everyone wants to soak in the goodness of nature, too. That said, various natural reserves could help you with that. If you are in Calabria and you want to experience nature on a unique level, then you should pay a visit to the Gole del Raganello nature reserve, which is a protected natural area located in the municipalities of Lorenzo Bellizzi, Civita and Cerchiara di Calabria, in the province of Cosenza. This particular reserve occupies an area of 1600 hectares. It is also within the Pollino National Park and it was established in 1987. Take a walk through the amazing valleys, gorges, bridges, and streams. Enjoy the multi-coloured rocks, flora, and fauna.

2. Cetraro

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It is a town in the province of Cosenza, located in the Calabria region of southern Italy exploration. It is also an agricultural and commercial centre which rises up on a rocky spur, and it also overlooks the wonderful coast and sea. So, basically, the view from Cetraro is worth the visit. But that’s not all. When you visit Cetraro in July and August, you’ll get to participate in their festival of entertainment. This festival includes dances, music, and fashion parades. This place also hosts a fanfare of sports competitions between the town districts and food fairs which are hosted by the competitors. This place is packed with enjoyment for all those who happen to visit it during this period. If you are going to Calabria, then you shouldn’t miss out on this place.

3. Vibo Valentia

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For anyone who is totally clueless about this place, here’s a brief idea about it. This place is an agricultural, commercial, and tourist hub. There are various famous places which are accessible from Vibo Valentia too. As a tourist, if you want to explore the place, you can also visit Tropea, Ricadi and Pizzo. Also, there are various large manufacturing industries here; this also includes the tuna district of Maierato. Apart from this, everyone is aware that Calabria has a massive coastline and along with that, it also has a pleasant climate which makes sailing a pleasure. The ideal time to visit this place is from April to October. Also, there are 12 marinas which are located quite evenly along both coasts. This is why Vibo Valentia is a renowned sailing port in Italy exploration.

What’s more?

There are various other places which one can explore in Calabria. You can relax and enjoy the view from the white-sand beach at Tropea. You can also take a boat trip to the stunning Aeolian Islands while you are in Vibo Valentia. Get inspired today and book your train tickets to Calabria with Italo Treno. If you are interested in doing so, you should definitely visit their website to learn more.

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