Instagram down: Will Come Back With A Bang!


Instagram experienced a significant outage on Monday 22 May’23 , causing more than 180,000 users to complain about being unable to access the app. The outage affected users globally, with the majority of complaints coming from the United States. According to DownDetector, the issue peaked at around 4:09 am, with over 180,000 reports. The outage was likely due to a technical problem, and Instagram is working to resolve the issue. Users faced difficulties accessing the app, with some experiencing login issues. Instagram has apologized for any inconvenience caused and is actively working to restore normal service.

It has a technical issue that causes difficulties for users accessing the platform. The issue has since been resolved, but the number of affected users was not disclosed by Meta, the company that owns Instagram. According to Downdetector, there were over 100,000 incidents reported in the United States, 24,000 in Canada, and more than 56,000 in Britain. Downdetector collects outage reports from various sources, including users. In other news, there are reports suggesting that Instagram, owned by Meta, is planning to launch a text-based platform similar to Twitter by the end of June. The platform, codenamed P92 or Barcelona, aims to provide micro-blogging and conversation features.

Instagram users experienced difficulties logging in and accessing various features of the app, leading them to express their complaints on Twitter. The exact cause of the outage was not immediately clear, and Instagram has not provided an official statement regarding the issue. Users reported problems with logging in, refreshing their feed, posting content, and sending messages.


Instagram, along with other popular social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, has gained significant importance for individuals and businesses worldwide. It provides a platform for people to connect, share content, express themselves creatively, and build communities. For individuals, Instagram offers a way to share their experiences, interests, and moments with friends, family, and followers. It has become a hub for visual storytelling, enabling users to showcase their photography, art, fashion, lifestyle, and more.

For businesses, Instagram serves as a powerful marketing tool. With its wide user base and visual nature, businesses can promote their products and services, engage with their target audience, and build brand awareness. Instagram’s features like Stories, IGTV, Reels, and Shopping enable businesses to create interactive and immersive content, drive sales, collaborate with influencers, and establish a strong online presence. In summary, Instagram, along with other social media platforms, has become an integral part of modern life, providing opportunities for personal expression, connection, and business growth on a global scale.

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