How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Discord?

how to find someone's ip on discord

Numerous social media platforms are presently used for both personal and business interactions. One of these systems is Discord, a chat program with features almost identical to those of Skype and TeamSpeak.

Discord has numerous advantages, like the ability to build a server for free, the lack of adverts, and the ability to chat with whomever you choose. There are many circumstances in which you could need to obtain someone’s Discord IP. But not everyone is adept at doing it. The general consensus is that because Discord operates its own servers, it is hard to obtain a user’s IP address from it. Additionally, this platform uses TLS, increasing the security of every user.

In this article, we will show you how to get someone’s IP address on Discord. So, stick to the end.

How to Get Someone’s IP on Discord

The only thing that users need to be aware of is that you should only authorize or let someone into your server if you know them. Now, there are some ways via which you can carry out the process:

Via Disocrd IP Resolver

  • Search for Discord IP Resolver on your smartphone and launch it.
  • After that, open Discord and select the setup menu in the upper-left corner. You can find the ‘Developer Mode’ options from the settings menu in case you can’t find it. For users of the Discord app building bots, this makes it easier to access the context menu.
  • Then head to your Discord account and look at the profile of the target or person you want to get the IP address of. Right-click on their profile to copy their ID; you’ll use this to create the target’s IP address.
  • Open the Discord IP resolver to paste the ID after copying it. The ID must be pasted into a slot at the top of the page. Once the ID has been pasted, click resolve to get the target’s IP address. The Discord IP resolver will produce the data you require, including the target’s IP and location.

Note: The only time you can get someone’s IP address is when they are online. So, there are definitely restrictions to it.

Via Been Verified

With the help of BeenVerified’s robust social media search, you may discover who is hiding behind a username and where they now reside. When conducting a reverse username search, it ought to be your first port of call. By tracing a person’s IP, we may literally determine their precise location. A social media search tool can be used to find a way to track a Discord user’s position without needing a link. The steps for the process will look like this:

  • Open the BeenVerified Username Search window.
  • Type a username in Discord (without the “#1234”). Once you have done it, select or Click on Search.
  • Do not check the private databases until BeenVerified has done so. When it finds a match, you’ll see all the details connected to the Discord username, including the user’s real name, present address, and contact information.

There are numerous circumstances in which you could need to obtain someone’s Discord IP. Although some individuals will claim it’s impossible, third-party apps can now make it simple for you to accomplish this. So, make sure you check them out.

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