How To Choose The Best Destination With Lack of Inspiration?


There are travelers who are just starting their journey of exploring various destination across the world. Then there are frequent travelers who have been to the great wall of China and to the Grand Canyon. You can do any one of them and still lack the inspiration to find the right spot for your next vacation. Because there is so much pressure from social media not to be an ordinary person and explore something that everyone else already has?

Well, one shouldn’t take that pressure and still go for something that they like! Don’t let social media tell you what to do. Before you shortlist a destination for your vacation, make sure you decide whether you are looking for a short-haul destination or a long-haul destination.

A short-haul destination is something which is more approachable to you than the long-haul one. In short, you can reach a short-haul destination earlier than the long-haul one. So here are some of the suggestions that Condor has for you.

Short Haul Destinations

For such locations, you don’t have to worry about the time duration that you need to pass while you fly to your shortlisted destination. Here are some of the short-haul destinations you can explore with Condor.

1. Turkey

If you talk to someone who has already been to Turkey, then the first thing they’ll mention to you about its oriental and European elements. So much more is set in the land of Turkey that a live experience is a must at least once in your lifetime. The best part about visiting Turkey is that if you are taking a trip to Turkey then it will be a short one. Its most popular place, Antalya, is meant to keep your tourist energy high.

Along with that, as a tourist, you shouldn’t miss out on the aesthetically pleasing sunset from the old town wall. Turkey has also been regarded as one of the best coastal cities to relax in. Some of the best sites to cover in Turkey are Hadrian’s Gate, Kaleiçi, and Yivliminare Cami.

2. Greece

Greece has been quite popularised in literature since popular ancient philosophers have been known to be from Greece too. Many philosophers like Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates, and Aristotle have been known to be from Greece. While that is definitely true, another thing you must see while you are in Greece is the monumental temples with Greek columns. But also, apart from this, there are a lot of places that you can explore in Greece.

destination 2

Such as places with a rich history. In that sense, you must cover Spinalonga, Malia, Rethymno, Koules Fortress, and Loggia. Also, do not skip on Crete which is quite popular in Greece. More than that, its windmills are famous.

Long Haul Destinations

If you have shortlisted a place that is far from your home place, then definitely that will be counted as one of the long-haul destinations. A long-haul destination is where it takes a long time and a lot of effort to reach. But this has its own place in travel diaries. This is why here are some of the best places suggested by Condor for a long-haul destination.

1. Mauritius

Known for its beaches, lagoons, and reefs. Why wouldn’t someone want to go to a paradise like Mauritius? The aura is completely different and it offers so much more than what you have heard or known about it. Condor believes that if you are taking a flight to Mauritius then it will be an unforgettable holiday for you and those who are accompanying you. The history of this island has been influenced by Creole, British, French, and Chinese cultures. Moreover, there are tons of activities like snorkeling and diving.

Apart from that, if you have been looking for something light then you should definitely take a walk along the coastline to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Some of the top sights of Mauritius are National Botanical Garden, Mauritius Aquarium, and The Sugar Museum and Factory.

2. Las Vegas

This location has truly been popularised by movies and TV series. But genuinely, the vibe of this place is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. Because Las Vegas has a lot more to it than what you see in the movies. Condor believes that if you travel with them to Las Vegas then your experience will be magical.

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In fact, with Condor you can save money on your flights and then you can use it at the casinos of the city which are waiting for you. Some of the most popular places in Las Vegas are Downtown Las Vegas, The Strip, and Water Fountains. Book your flights with Condor today to stay at an advantage during your journey to Las Vegas.

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