Google Pixel 7a Vs Pixel 7 Vs Pixel 6a: Which One Should to Buy?

Google Pixel 7a Vs Pixel 7 Vs Pixel 6a

If you are thinking of getting a new smartphone lately then you should definitely consider getting a pixel smartphone. Why? Well, there are many reasons why you should own a Pixel smartphone. To begin with, the main reason why one should buy a Pixel smartphone is because they are known to provide a purely Android experience. One another thing that needs to be noted here is that Pixel phones are known to run on a stock version of Android. This means that they don’t come with any bloatware or custom user interfaces which are usually responsible for slowing down the phone or making it harder for a person to use. 

Why buy a Pixel smartphone?

A pixel smartphone will give you a regular software update provided by Google. It is important to note that Pixel phones are also counted among the first devices to receive the latest Android updates which can also include security patches and new features. This in turn ensures that the phone stays up to date and also provides one with the latest features and improvements. If you are planning to get a Google Pixel smartphone, then you should check out the latest ones which are available in the market. If the latest smartphones are in discussion then surely there is a need to compare the three best-selling smartphones from Google which are Pixel 7a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 6a.

Pixel 7a Vs Pixel 7 Vs Pixel 6a

It is important to compare the specifications and performances in order to get a clear overview of them.

Pixel 7a

People have considered this smartphone one of the best budget Android phones. This is because it comes with powerful hardware, stunning cameras, and premium construction. Google Pixel 7a is one of the most recent A-Series smartphones that conveys all the supportiveness of Google for less. The Pixel 7a is loaded with large numbers of the priority elements of their top-notch smartphones that are currently accessible on A-series smartphones interestingly, for example, Face Unlock, 8GB of RAM, 90Hz Smooth Display, and wireless charging. It is built with Google Tensor G2, their flagship processor, and Titan M2, their dedicated security chip, making it faster, more efficient, and more secure. Also, the Pixel 7a delivers a superior-level core Pixel experience.

With its recognizable Pixel camera bar and smooth, sculpted surfaces, the Pixel 7a shares design cues with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. The Pixel 7a is their most durable A-series to date thanks to its brand-new midframe architecture. Additionally, the aluminum housing is made entirely of recycled materials to support its ongoing commitment to sustainability. There’s a lot more to this phone than just the aforementioned features.

Pixel 7

Many users have considered the Pixel 7 smartphone as something which is of great value too. So, if you are interested in getting this one as your next smartphone, you should go through these specifications once! If you are someone who is fed up with their previous smartphone’s battery then this smartphone’s battery will leave you impressed. Indeed the battery life of this smartphone can last over 24 hours. Not just that, its battery life can last up to 72 hours whenever you leave your smartphone on extreme battery saver. Another feature which deserves recognition among its specifications is the all-around advanced camera it has got.

The Google Pixel 7 Camera captures stunning color and detail-filled images and videos. Additionally, you can now give your videos a cinematic feel by using Cinematic Blur. But that’s not all. This smartphone has got the most elevated security rating.

Pixel 6a:

There are many users who firmly believe that this smartphone is and will remain their favorite one. Here are the specifications which will give you an insight into the hardware of this smartphone. The Pixel 6a is an extremely smart, secure, and powerful smartphone, all thanks to the Google Tensor. It has got the first chip designed by Google just for Pixel. Moreover, another feature of this smartphone that will leave you impressed is its battery life. It really has a battery that follows your lead. That said, its adaptive battery can really run for more than 24 hours. One of the smart features that needs to be mentioned here is that it learns about your favorite apps so it doesn’t use up power on apps you don’t use often.

The Pixel 6a elements a camera that lets you show off your personality. It also makes faces look sharper since it comes with a face unblur feature. Not only that but it is also known to take beautifully accurate photos too. 
Comparing Pixel 7a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 6 will give you a clear idea about their performance and specifications.

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