Explore Pet-Friendly Flooring Solutions For Your Home

Pet-Friendly Flooring Solutions

If you have a dog or a pet, then surely he/she is your favorite companion and a pet-friendly flooring solution for your home. They may not talk to you, but they surely do make your day. Especially in times of grief or misery, pets can make you more happy and help you get through the day too. If you have a pet by your side, whether a dog or a cat, obviously you spend half your weekend taking care of them. There are indeed a lot of things that you have to think through while taking care of your pets. But, one of the main things that you should take care of is installing the right kind of pet-friendly flooring.

If you have been looking for good pet-friendly flooring lately, then Travis Perkins is the right platform for you. They will be able to provide you with flooring which can stand up to day-to-day with your furry friends. Obviously, so is the case, you are looking for pet-friendly flooring that is easy to clean, can handle scratches, and can last a long time. 

Looking for the right pet-friendly flooring lately?

When you are looking for new flooring, you should definitely keep certain things in your mind. Your floor has to cope with the scratches from claws, occasional accidents, spilled food, and water. Pets are loved, but they can still create quite a mess out there. This is why, if you are getting new pet-friendly flooring, you should definitely check out the best pet-friendly flooring options for your dogs and cats, keeping in mind durability and cleanliness. Also, you should keep the comfort of vulnerable and elderly animals in your mind. 

Flooring for your dogs and cats

It’s true that choosing pet-friendly flooring seems like a tricky thing to sort out, but once you get your priorities in mind you’ll easily be able to make more choices. 

1. Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Pet Friendly Flooring

The usage of ceramic tiles goes a long way because they are commonly used for flooring, walls, worktops, backsplashes, and bathrooms too. In fact, ceramic tiles are the only flooring option that works in every area of the house. On the other hand, porcelain tiles have a smooth, poreless surface which is ideal for blocking out moisture. Porcelain tiles are made up of non-absorbent and waterproof quality and are ideal to be used in bathrooms and foyers. Check out the 4Trade White Tile from Travis Perkins today. This is a plain white gloss tile that can be used in many areas and that also includes bathrooms and kitchens. If you think porcelain tiles would look better, then you should definitely check out the Whitney Light Grey Glazed Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile from Travis Perkins.

2. Laminated flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring 1

There is no doubt in the fact that if you are keeping your floor laminated then it will take time to wear it out and it will also be easier to clean. If you agree with this, then you’d want to laminate your flooring too. Check out the Kronospan Original Super Natural Rockford Oak Laminate Flooring from Travis Perkins. This laminate pet-friendly flooring is made up of a multi-layered decorative melamine surface and various other materials. Some of its worth mentioning features include Antibacterial coating, 1clic2go convenient and fast installation; easy to maintain, V-groove edge profile; highly durable, melamine face finish helps protect against scratches and dents, and additional layering for stability. You can also check out other laminate floorings from Travis Perkins. 

3. Luxury vinyl tile

Pet Friendly Flooring 2

If you are in need of practicality and looks, then definitely you should go for luxury vinyl flooring since it mimics the appearance of natural wood along with a textured layer on the top. If you have been looking for a luxury vinyl tile lately, then you should definitely check out the quick step luxury vinyl tile balanced canyon oak grey with saw cuts flooring from Travis Perkins. Within this, you’ll find a collection of beautiful plank floors with a system that is fast and easy to install. Also, its V-grooved panels can create a spacious perspective and can also enhance the authentic plank effect. This luxury vinyl tile really has various features you’d love. Some of its worth-mentioning features are 4-sided bevel

waterproof, tile effect, stain-resistant, and uniclic multi-fit locking mechanism. 

What’s more from Travis Perkins

Currently, Travis Perkins is the UK’s largest supplier of building and home improvement materials. By far, it features a strong network of over 500 branches which are responsible for supplying thousands of products and materials. It also specializes in importing, machining, and sales of softwoods. But mostly their focus is on wood roofing products. Explore the wide variety of products on its website today! Visit their website to know more details about the above-mentioned items.

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