Confused About Apple or Samsung? Discover the Top Mobile Phones Revealed!

Top Mobile Phones

They say that there are two people currently existing in the world. One who is obsessed with the iPhone mobile phone will rather use the old version than purchase top mobile phones with a different operating system. The second ones are open to all kinds of changes and variations that come into their top mobile phones. Some people just love to explore. This is why, these people are the ones constantly comparing and contrasting the differences between these two brands. Indeed, both brands are selling top mobile phones with amazing features, but with this quality, a question among the audience arises. Which smartphone should they get and from which brand?

Beat the dilemma with Tesco Mobile

This is surely a valid question. But what is the right answer to it? There is no right answer to it! Both brands are popular for selling the most elegant-looking top mobile phones with the latest features. If you are by chance confused about which smartphone brand you should opt for, then here’s a brief idea about it. If you are wondering how you can take yourself out of this dilemma, then you shouldn’t look any further than the platform of Tesco Mobile. Herein, you can find your favourite smartphone and you can also find a great collection of them.

Top Mobile Phones to be Revealed

These are the top Android and Apple mobile phones that you should check out from Tesco. But, that’s not all, these top mobile phones come with some deals too.

1. Apple iPhone 12 with Airpods Pro Bundle

Top Mobile Phones

The Apple iPhone 12 is like a blast past fast. It has an A14 bionic, which is the fastest chip in a smartphone. It also has an edge-to-edge OLED display. Also, all of its cameras come with a night mode which will make it easier for people to capture pictures at night with the clarity that they need. The design and display of this smartphone are such that your phone will behold and be held at the same time. Many customers believe that this iPhone display has an incredible contrast and also has a higher resolution.

With its ceramic shield, you’ll notice that it has four times better drop performance. Also, it comes with a Super Retina XDR which has a similar display as the iPhone 12 Pro. But, the real catch here is the AirPods Pro. Get this beautiful super retina XDR display which is combined with the AirPods Pro in this contract bundle and makes it perfect for streaming quality audio and visual media. This phone is available from Tesco Mobile in the colour black and various different storages.

2. Apple iPhone 11 with AirPods Pro

Top Mobile Phones

When the talk about Apple iPhone sparks, there are no other top mobile phones that can even come to its competition. Such is the aura and popularity of the Apple iPhone. Those who own it, know it. Those who don’t will crave it. If you have been looking for an Apple iPhone lately, then you should look no further than the Apple iPhone 11 from Tesco Mobile. It is a mobile meant to keep dust and splashes at bay. Along with that, it is made with the toughest glass. This smartphone lets you get on with your life because it really is ready for action.

Again, the best catch about this deal right here is that along with the smartphone, you’ll get AirPods Pro.
The Apple AirPods Pro have been popularly known to deliver a completely wireless listening experience to the user. You can pair these instantly with your iPhone 11 and begin discovering the unmatched convenience of wireless headphones. Visit the Tesco Mobile website today to learn more. This mobile phone is available in the colour red with Tesco. Go, check out more specifications of these top mobile phones online.

3. Samsung Galaxy A13 combined with Chromebook 4

Top Mobile Phones

This is a call for all Android and Chromebook users out there. You need to visit the Tesco Mobile website and grab this deal before it goes out of stock! There is no doubt that the Galaxy A13 has a stunning camera. But, what you don’t know is that this one also has special features which can work together to create pictures you’ll cherish forever. This top mobile phones comes with a 50MP quad-camera, which is actually perfect for capturing many fleeting moments. But that’s not all; it also comes with an 8MP selfie camera which can capture the best of the moments you’ll be spending with your family and friends.

But, this is not everything you should be excited about. Instead, this deal has a lot to offer. Indeed, the Galaxy A13 comes with a Chromebook 4. Now, who doesn’t want to own a Chromebook? Anyone from corporate would just love to own it along with the Samsung Galaxy A13. Check out more information regarding this on Tesco Mobile’s website.

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