CEO of Zerodha,Nitin Kamath Father-In-Law Runs Grocery Store

Nitin Kamath, the CEO of Zerodha, India’s rapidly expanding brokerage firm, shared a heartfelt post on LinkedIn about the approach to living life and the wisdom imparted by his father-in-law, a grocery store owner, which often goes unsaid. The post by Nitin Kamath serves as a crucial reminder for those who treat life as a race.


Nithin Kamath emphasizes that genuine freedom comes from always being content with life. This insight is continually reinforced by his father-in-law, Sivaji Patil. A former Indian Army soldier, Patil lost his fingers to frostbite during the Kargil War and voluntarily retired from his position as a Havaldar. Subsequently, he opened a grocery store in Belgaum, Karnataka.

Now 70 years old, Patil still makes daily trips to the local market on his old scooter, which he purchased for the disabled years ago, to stock up on groceries for his store. His only helper is his wife, who assists with both the store and household management. Despite the success of his daughter, Seema, and son-in-law, Nitin, Patil remains committed to his work and finds joy in discussing the profits from various items in the store.

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