Buying Stock Photos? Here are the Top Suggestions!

Stock Photos

Originally speaking, stock photos refer to images that are licensed to buyers. This means that one cannot post them or use them officially without having the permission of the original owner. One has to buy them from the owners since the owner can raise issues of copyrights if it’s used by someone randomly. Alamy is one such platform that helps people get the best photographs for marketing, advertising, and other purposes that are free of copyright issues. Most of these photographs are uploaded to a stock library where users can find what they have been looking for on the basis of keywords.

Yet, it is still important to note that the photographer still owns the copyrights to the image. This way, if you are a photographer’s image, you’ll have permission to use an image for a specified use. 

Why use stock photos?

Stock Photos 2

Who wants to hire a bespoke photographer to get pictures that are available online? Which is why one should get stock photos. Stock libraries in this sense can provide an abundance of choices to ensure you can find the picture you have been looking for. Really, not many alternatives exist to buy stock photos. The only possible option that exists here is to pay for your own bespoke photoshoot, which can also give you a strong headache. In this scenario, there are time and cost implications, but one has to sort out the licensing agreement.

This way stock libraries have optimized things into an easy and seamless experience. So, before you put so much effort into it, check out the amazing collection of stock photos from Alamy’s photo library that has what you are looking for. It’s a great way for you to test whether the chosen image works for you or not. In case you are looking for archival imagery, then you shouldn’t look any further than stock photography.

Usage of stock photos

Stock Photos

If you are into digital marketing, whether working remotely as a freelancer or with an agency, you’d already know how important stock photos are. Indeed, stock photos are used in various ways and in great numbers too. Many stock libraries have been building their collections over a long period of time. So, is the case with Alamy. They are currently the owners of over 220 million images which are available for license. Also, within such a huge collection everyone is bound to find something.

Mostly stock photos are used for commercial purposes, websites, social media, books, magazines, newspapers, advertising, marketing, videos, and in various other fields.

Where to buy stock photos from?

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Stock photos are available from various stock photo libraries or agencies. Really, various choices and agencies out there pop up every year. Likewise, Alamy has the world’s most vibrant and diverse stock photo library, upon which various specialists have worked and provided users with the pictures that they have been looking for. These galleries cover an eclectic array of lifestyle images and everything you have been looking for. Are you looking for a unique picture related to a particular niche? Alamy is likely to have it.

How to find the images?

If you have been trying to find high-quality stock photos, then the best place to look for them is the stock photo libraries. There are chances that features may vary from library to library. This thing also depends on the way you search for images. What you need to do is exclude certain words or exact phrases to simplify your search. In the Alamy library, you can search through the extra features at the top of the search result page under the ‘Advanced search’.

How to know what you need?

You have to make sure that you have shortlisted the types of pictures that are required by you at the beginning itself. You have to also note down objectives about what you have been trying to achieve with your image. For instance, your book is based in Paris. Now, just like Paris is symbolically attached to the Eiffel Tower, you need to find a picture of the Eiffel Tower in this scenario. Also, here are a few things to keep in mind while selecting the image:

– Brand: You must decide whether the image reflects your brand or not.
– Placement: Do you want to get it printed or need it for digital purposes?
– Localisation:
Your image should comply with the region you are introducing your audience to.
– Aesthetics: Every photographer knows that pictures are all about aesthetics. Take note of that for sure.

Why Alamy?

One of the most obvious reasons why you should choose Alamy has to do with its fantastic image search tool. It is super easy and efficient to use and helps you in finding the right image. Find your stock images with Alamy’s stock library today!

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